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56th Annual Missions and Evangelism Conference

(May 3, 2014)

“Missions Now More Than Ever”

Sponsored by: The Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi Missions Department

Hosted by: First Baptist Church of Shady Grove

10:00-10:30am – Music/ Introduction of the Theme/Opening Prayer – Larry Geraldson
10:30-11:00am – The Clarity of Our Message … Jer 26:2, “Diminish not a word…” – Dr. John Adams
11:00-11:15am – Break/Music
11:15-11:45 – The Commitment of the Man… Daniel 1:8 “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat…” – Justin Cameron
11:45-1:00pm – Lunch – (During the meal, our Missions Coordinators will give brief reports.)
1:00-1:10 – Music
1:10-1:50pm – The Certainty of the Call… Amos 7:15 “…the Lord said unto me, Go prophesy…” – Dewitt Bain
1:50-2:00pm – Break
2:00-2:30pm – Special Music
2:30-3:00pm – The Captivity of The Conceited … Jonah 1:3 “…Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.” – Bryan Atwood
3:00-3:10pm – Break/Music
3:10-3:40pm – The Collapse of Character… Mal 1:10 “…I have no pleasure in you…” – Johnny Williams
3:40-3:50pm – Break/Music
3:50pm-4:20pm – The Commission to Continue… Matt 5:13-16 & Matt 28:18-20 – Gary Smith
4:20-4:30pm – Break/Music
4:30-5:00pm – The Charge, The Course & The Crown…  2 Tim 4 – Dr. Charley Holmes
5:00- Banquet Line Begins
5:30pm – (During the meal, our Missionaries will give brief reports and new Missionaries will be introduced.)
6:30pm – (Dismissed)