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Elvis Garcia

Bro. Elvis Garcia, Sr. Pastor of "Way, Truth & Life and Coordinator of BMA of MS Hispanic Missions (North)

Bro. Elvis Garcia, Sr. Pastor of “Way, Truth & Life and Coordinator of BMA of MS Hispanic Missions (North)

Bro. Elvis Garcia was born in Guatemala City, June 8, 1979. He attended school in Guatemala and attended the University of Guatemala studying marketing. Growing up in Guatemala afforded him the opportunity to help BMMI teams visiting his country. He was baptized in 2000 and months later, surrendered to the ministry. In 2001 he became a missionary for his local church. He acquired a degree in Bible and Theology from the BMA Seminary in Guatemala City. He became a Certified Trainer for Evangelism Explosion International through the BMAA Seminary in Jacksonville, TX; and is a former student of Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel, MS.  He is married to his wife Wendy and they have two sons: Pablo (8), and Josue (4).
Bro. Elvis is the Sr. Pastor and Founder of “Way, Truth and Life” Baptist Church in Ripley, MS.  His also the Coordinator of Hispanic Missions for the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi working with Hispanic Missionaries in Tupelo and Oxford.
The Garcia Family

The Garcia Family

My Vision: God is using us and wants us to do more in the matters of: 1. Coaching; 2. Training others; 3. Fulfilling the Great Commission; 4. Mentoring; 5. Taking care of those who serve the Lord; 6. Multiplication; 7. Extending the kingdom of God in other nearby cities.
My Objectives:
–          Pray constantly for and with the church planters
–          Experiential and theological training
–          Development of strategies
–          Development of a vision and a mission for the church planter and also for the church project
–          Accomplishment of goals thru truly spiritual dependence
–          Wise use of time and resources
–          Weekly meetings with the church planter
–          Spiritual and personal support
–          Spiritual retreats of encouragement and fellowship every six months
–          Analyze the ethnography of the main cities in the north of the state
–          Implementation of our development process (evangelism, discipleship, small groups)
–          Apply our coaching and mentoring models
–          The first graduation in November of our Bible Institute.
–          The starting of another small group in Oxford
–          The starting of worship services in December in Oxford
–          The opening of two more small groups in the church in Ripley
–          Eager to serve the Lord in our church and missions
–          The development of the worship ministry in Tupelo
GOD has blessed us incredibly. I have a great family and that encourages me. Being able to be part of this and watch it with my eyes is such a blessing. In addition to serving as Sr. Pastor of Way, Truth and Life (formally known as First Hispanic Baptist Church in Ripley, MS), Bro. Elvis serves as the Hispanic Missions Coordinator for the BMA of Mississippi (North) working with missions in Tupelo and Oxford.
In His Service,
Elvis Garcia
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