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Inocencio Rivera

Bro. Rivera

Bro. Inocencio Rivera, Missionary at El Camino in Hattiesburg, MS

Bro. Rivera preaching...

Bro. Rivera preaching…

Inocencio Rivera was born in Veracruz, Mexico on July 20, 1984. He was raised into a strong Catholic    traditional family. He finished High School at Veracruz Mexico. In 2008 he came to America and in April 2009 a friend invited him to attend a meeting at El Camino Church. After he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he made the decision to accept Christ as his Savior. A month later, May 31 2009, he was baptized with other new believers at El Camino Church. In 2010, after a conversation with Pastor Estuardo Marroquin, Bro. Rivera decided to enroll in the Bible Institute with the desire in his heart to be a part of a mission work. Now Bro. Rivera is leading the work at the Hattiesburg mission. He is training and discipling people in the mission field. He is also helping teach BMA doctrines at the Bible Institute at El Camino Church.