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Rodolfo Galicia

Bro. Rodolfo Galicia

Bro. Rodolfo Galicia, Missionary at El Camino in Biloxi

Bro. Galicia's mother on the right, is discipling this family.

Bro. Galicia’s mother on the right, is discipling this family.

 Bro. Rodolfo Galicia was born in Veracruz, Mexico on August 15, 1984. He came to America in 2004. In December 2012 he received an invitation from an El Camino church member to attend an evangelistic conference and he did and while in attendance he accepted Christ as his Savior. He was baptized in September 2013 and enrolled in The El Camino Bible Institute.

He began to serve the Lord as a small group co-leader and in 2013 came to help in the Biloxi Mission Project. And the beginning Bro. Galicia traveled every weekend to visit, win souls, and disciple the new believers in the Biloxi area. But in Last June 2014 Bro. Galicia resigned to his work in Laurel, MS, and move to live in Biloxi. He also has a part time secular job. He leads the visitation and witnessing during the week and leads the small group on the weekends.