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Marciano Montalvo

Marciano  Montalova

Bro. Marciano Montalova, Missionary at El Camino in Hattiesburg, MS

 Marciano Montalvo was born in Puebla, Mexico on May 23, 1980. He was raised in a Catholic family. He finished High School at Puebla, Mexico.   He came to America in 2002. In August 2008 a good friend invited him to attend a small group meeting lead by El Camino Church and after hearing the Bible study, he made the decision to follow and accept Christ as his Savior. He was baptized on January 11, 2009. Bro. Montalvo is married to Maria Romero, has three children: Alex 7 years old, Helen 5 years old and Natalie 6 months old. In June 2009 he was invited by an El Camino Church member to enroll in the Bible Institute and started to study and serve the Lord. Now Bro. Montalvo is helping to develop the missions work in the Hattiesburg area by winning souls, discipleship, and in leading small groups.